Duck Life

The Duck Life Series revolves around a cute little duckling that needs to be trained in running, swimming, flying, and climbing. However, all sequels of the game are unique and will keep you hooked to your screens. Here is a quick summary of all Duck Life games. This will enable you to select the perfect game for your leisure.

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Duck Life 1: In this game, your farm is completely destroyed by a Tornado and the only thing surviving out there is a Duck Egg. You need to train the Duck in swimming, running, and flying so that he starts participating in races and earns money for you. With this money, you will be able to rebuild your lost farm. The Game Shop will enable you to purchase accessories and seeds for your duck. However, ensure that you spend the in-game currency wisely otherwise you will fall short of it.

Duck Life 2: This game will enable you to train your duck in four skills; climbing, flying, running, and swimming. You can purchase two different colored seeds from the game shop for your duck. Both these seeds have varied energy levels. The game has five levels that will help you to coach your duck properly so that he can participate for the world tournaments. Keep collecting the game currency and avoid the obstacles that come in between the way of your little duckling.

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Duck Life 3: This game will provide you the opportunity to meet Pokémon. So, if you are a fan of him, you should play this game. The game revolves around training your duck for several tournaments. There are three league selections available in the game and you have to start with the Amateur league. Several achievements are provided in the game like collecting coins, reaching the professional league, beating the champion duck, winning a race, etc. Make sure that you try and obtain all these achievements. The Purple coins are much better than the normal ones as they will boost your speed. So, try to procure more of them.

Duck Life 4: In this sequel of the Duck Life game, you need to train a team of Ducks. You should make them participate in several training exercises like Speed, Endurance, and Reactions. The main task in this game is to make your ducks win several races and tournaments that are held across the world. All this will only be possible if your ducks are trained well and have plenty of energy. The ducks that are below the recommended enrollment level will not be allowed to participate in the race, so be careful of that.

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Duck Life 5: In this game, you have innumerable variety of products available for your Duck. You can make your game extremely engrossing by purchasing these products. Some of them are Apple Cider, Spirally Dance, Heat Seeking Shot, 3-Way Shot, etc. Moreover, you will even be provided with Jetpacks that will make your game easy as it will enable you to skip few meters of the cave. The -Tech Devices available in the game will enhance your chances of finding treasure and reward keys in the cave.

The entire Duck Life series is captivating and will ensure that you have a great time while playing it!

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