Duck Life 1

Do you want to play a funny and adorable online game on weekend? If the answer is positive, then the best game to play will be the Duck Life 1. The game begins when you are leading a happy life by farming in a huge piece of land. One fine day a Tornado comes and destroys the entire farm. The only surviving thing on the entire land is a Duck egg. You don’t have anything left for survival so you start training the Duck to become the fastest runner. This will enable you to earn money for rebuilding your lost farm.

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In this game, you need to train your Duck in such a way that he starts earning quickly. Your mission is to make the Duck learn how to run, swim, and fly. All this will require a lot of patience, as you are going to train a cute little Duckling.The Energy, Flying, Running, and Swimming Level of your Duck are zero at the time of starting the game. As you keep progressing, your Duck will be trained for all these skills. These are the threemain tasks that you need to perform in your game:

  • Running: Train your Duck at running so that he is quick on land.
  • Flying: Flying skills will make your Duck quick in the air.
  • Swimming: You have to train your Duck at Swimming so that he makes it faster in the water.

>> Click Here To Play Duck Life 1 <<


There will be a Duck Shop in the game where you can purchase food and accessories for your Duck. These can be purchased with Coins; the in-game currency. Here are a few things that you can buy from the game shop:

  • Hats: To give your Duck a smart look, you can purchase different types of hats for him.
  • Paint: You can change the color of your Duck by getting him painted in your favorite color.
  • Seed: Food will provide energy to your Duck.

Playing the game is very easy and kids will be able to manage it well. You need to use the Up Arrow key to Jump while running. The Left and Right arrows have to be used for Flying. In case of Swimming, you have to use the Up Arrow to Jump, the Down Arrow to Dive, and the Left and Right Arrows to move around.

Listed below are some tips that will make your game easier to play:

  • Keep a track on the statistics of your Duck so that you know how much he is trained in a particular skill.
  • The game quality and music settings can be changed in the game.
  • Keep collecting Coins as and when they appear on the screen and ensure that you do not spend all of them.
  • While making your Duck race, start with the Beginner Races and then keep progressing to the Amateur Races, Expert Races, and World Championship.

Duck Life 1 is a perfect game for kids,so get ready to make your Duck the best racing Duck on the planet!

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