Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 is a sequel to the popular online game Duck Life 1. In Duck Life 2, you need to train your duck in the four main skills and make hima World Champion. In the beginning of the game, the Climb, Fly, Run, Swim, and Energy level is zero. You need to train the Duck and make him participate in races so that he can enhance these skills.

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The Duck Shop in the game will enable you to purchase accessories and food for your duck. 20 is the highest level that the duck can get in each skill. The shop has two different colored seeds for your Duck, which provides varied energy levels.

  • The Yellow Seeds will increase the energy level of your duck.
  • The Purple Seeds will provide high-energy to your duck and increase its level 3 times more than the yellow seeds.

There are five levels in the game and these have been discussed below:

  • Enter the race: Make your duck enter the race only when he is trained properly. You can make him enter for a race in Scotland as that is the qualifying round of world championship. As he keeps winning the races, the tournaments that are held at England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan can be unlocked. You can also earn a lot of Coins as cash prize, and a secret prize can be earned if your duck comes first in any of the races.
  • Train Running: This task will enable you to train your duck at running so that he can make it faster on land. Here, you have to use the Up arrow key to Jump.
  • Train Flying:It will let you train your duck at flying so that he is quick in the air. You need to use the Up and Down arrow keys to change your direction.
  • Train Swimming: It will make your duck quick in the water. For jumping you need to use the Up Arrow key and for diving use the Down arrow key. The Left and Right arrow keys have to be used for movement.
  • Train Climbing: It will let you to train your duck at climbing so that he climbs faster in races. You have to use the Left and Right arrow keys to jump between each side of the canyon.

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You need to be vigilant while training your Duck as a minor mistake would lead to a lot of problems. Here are some tips that will make your training session simpler:

  • Be careful during the Climbing Training so that your duck does not get caught in the numerous ledges.
  • Avoid the several obstacles that will come in between your way.
  • Collect as many Coins as possible.
  • Don’t go off the screen during the Climbing Training and Swimming Training.
  • During Flying Training, avoid hitting into anything and keep a watch on the warning signs.

So, train your Duck well and make him one of the fastest racing ducks across the world.

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