Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 is an entertaining online game for kids, where they need to train their duck and make them have races with others. Training the duck is not easy, as you need to enhance their skills in climbing, flying, swimming, and running. Moreover, your duck will meet Pokémon and try to become naturally better in each and every skill.

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You begin the game by selecting one of the modified ducks depending on their pros:

  • Strength: This duck is good is climbing and bad in flying.
  • Athletic: This one is good in running and swimming but requires guidance in climbing and flying.
  • Flying: This one is very good in flying, good in swimming, but needs training in running and climbing.
  • Swimming: The duck is very good in swimming, good in flying and very bad in running and climbing.

There are three types of League selections provided in the game. They are Amateur, Advanced, and Professional. Among these three, only Amateur league is unlocked. Rest of the two is locked and will get unlocked after you finish with the previous League. Once you select the Amateur league, you need to begin the game by training the duck so that he can perform well in the races. The Energy, Climbing, Flying, Running, and Swimming level is zero and needs to be increased by training the duck well.

>> Click Here To Play Duck Life 3<<


You will come across several Achievements in the game that you need to focus on.

  • Collect a coin.
  • Reach the professional league.
  • Win a race.
  • Level up your duck completely.
  • Fly backwards in flying training.
  • Enter the portal.
  • Disqualify an opponent.
  • Beat the champion duck.
  • Reach the advanced league.
  • Beat the game with all four duck types.

You have to try and procure all these achievements in the game as they will make your game an engrossing one. You will also be provided with two different kinds of seeds for your duck. The normal Seed will increase the energy level and the Super seed will boost the energy level to a higher position than the normal seed.

The controls of the game are simple. You just need to use the Arrow keys to change the directions. The mouse can also be used as per your preference. Depending on the training that you are providing to your duck, the arrow keys will function.

Training your duck will require a lot of expertise. Here are some tricks that will help you in achieving your goal:

  • Avoid hitting on anything and keep a track on the warning signs.
  • Keep collecting Coins that are provided in the game.
  • The Purple coins will boost your speed so try to procure more of them.
  • In the Running Training, make your Duck jump over the rolling objects.
  • Ensure that your duck does not get caught on the numerous ledges.
  • Your duck should not get pushed off the screen.
  • In the Swimming Training, avoid the obstacles by jumping and diving.

Use these tricks and make your duck one of the best racers in the world. Enjoy the training session with your duck!

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