Duck Life 5


Duck Life 5 is an engrossing online game; similar to its Duck Life series. Your mission in this game is to train your duck to run, jump, and fly quickly so that he can pass through caves and collect as much treasure as possible.

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The game contains processor intensive graphics, which could slow down the game. So, depending on the speed of your computer, you can select the game among slow, average, and fast. If you select slow then some of the graphics will be removed and you will be able to enjoy the game on older computers.

The game revolves around a town where the volcano has just become dormant and the people of the town are returning back to normal.Adventurers from around the world are coming to the town for exploring the volcano’s cave in hope for treasure. Your task is also to find treasure in the cave.

>> Click Here To Play Duck Life 5 <<


The game begins with selecting your game avatar’s eyes, hair, tattoo, and color. You can also make your Duck trendy by selecting some fashionable hats and clothes. There is a Pet Shop available in the game where you can purchase pets that will help you in the cave. There are several shops in the town that are selling numerous products. Some of these products will be really helpful for your adventurous trip to the cave. These items will help you in finding the treasures inside the cave. A few items that are available in the Pet Shop are mentioned below:

  • Apple Cider: It can knock out all enemies present on the screen.
  • Paralysing Saliva: It will slow your speed for few seconds.
  • Heat Seeking Shot: This product will enable you to fire a heat-seeking shot and kill all enemies instantly.
  • Spirally Dance: It moves in spirals and will save you from harmful objects.
  • Meat Shield: It will fly in front of you and save you from dangerous items.
  • 3-way Shot: It can fire three shots in various directions.

All these products can be purchased with the in-game currency. There are many more products available in the Pet Shop other than those discussed above. So, as you keep earning the game currency you can purchase them and make your game simpler.

Other than the Pet Shop, there are several Hi-Tech Devices available in the game:

  • Tiny Wing: It will enable you to fly quickly.
  • iDowsing: It will enhance your chances of searching treasure chests in the cave.
  • Smart Shovel: It will enhance the possibility of searching reward keys.
  • Gold Purifier: With this, you can sometimes find valuable coins.
  • Bubble Barrier: It will save you from getting harmed until you pop it.
  • Duckhatton: It will ensure that the nearby coins on the screen get nearer to you.

The game has several challenges like Stretch Yourself, Gold Rush, and Chasing Pavements. These challenges will make your game all the more engrossing. You can also use the several Jetpacks that are provided in the game for making it simpler as they will help you to skip a few meters of the cave. So, keep exploring and make your Duck Life 5 game interesting and captivating.

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